Sunday, October 07, 2007

Matt Kelty's Birthday Cake

Photos from Matt Kelty's birthday party have hit the internet. The one that is particularly interesting is his birthday cake and is shown below. It's a Wizard of Oz theme playing off the name of his primary opponent's (Nelson Peters) campaign manager - Ozzie Mitzen. There's a sign outside the castle that says "The Wizard of Ozz is in". (UPDATE 10/10/07: It turns out the sign says Wizard of Odds) Then there's a yellow brick road and along the road are signs that read "Councilman Sam Says", "Campaign Confusing", "Babies Di" (the rest is obscured), "And I'm Losing"

The yellow brick road leads to an outhouse that is labeled as GOP headquarters. The outhouse is crushing somebody that is laying on top of a baseball diamond. There's a scroll next to the body but I can't make out what it says. To the left of the outhouse is a sign that says "Nelson we're not on the bypass anymore" and there are lyrics coming from the outhouse that say "Shine on, Shine on harvest moon"

I'll give them an A for creativity but where was my invitation?

H/T - Charles Langley


ROACH said...

lots of get out of jail cards; we'll write you in prison. there's a file in the cake.
and did you see all the liquor in the background, and how progressively looped everybody appears? theres more than just sugar in that kool-aid.
and notice the pic- matts glass is either half empty, or needs a refill of "Jesus Juice"

otto said...

Let's face it. The guy is a compulsive liar whether it is football, polls, money. He can't tell the truth about mundane things which is the scary part. If this city elects him, god help us all

Stan Matuska said...

So that's the now famous Matt Kelty cake!

Liar's and cheater's never prosper.