Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kelty - on the ropes

UPDATE: The following information was gleaned from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel (10/20/07). It has been brought to our attention that the $230 from WISE-TV was NOT a contribution to the Kelty campaign, but rather an overpayment on their commercial schedule from the primary election. WISE discovered the overpayment and sent the campaign a refund as they would any other client. The station is checking today to determine whether the campaign incorrectly reported the check as a donation, or whether the News-Sentinel just overlooked a fact.

Although a campaign-finance report filed Friday shows he has raised less than half as much money as his Democratic opponent, Republican mayoral candidate Matt Kelty isn’t worried. He’s actually upbeat.

“I am humbled and delighted,” Kelty said. “Despite all the controversy … people believe in the vision and leadership we offer in our campaign.”

Of note, the lone local Republican-elected official to contribute to the campaign was Allen County Council President Paul Moss, who gave $150. Other notable donations included $1,000 from local blogger Dan Turkette and $230 from WISE-TV.

So, in summary, Kelty is "humbled and delighted" to have the support of ONE local Republican official, an Angry White Boy, and a television station owned by a media conglomerate who unWISEly destroyed a local station's long-standing community connection by switching to new call letters (WKJ-Gee, we miss you!). William Kunkle, formerly of the Journal Gazette, must be turning over in his grave right now!

Meanwhile, back in the Summit City. . .(pause for dramatic effect and 1960's Batman style campiness) . . the "who's who" of the local Republican Party are bolting away from Kelty at breakneck speed!

Cathy Hawks, former vice-chair of the ACRP, was one of the first local Republicans to throw their support behind Tom Henry. And that support continues to this day, as evidenced by this photo:

Even local party chair Steve Shine has expressed his discomfort with the tactics employed by Matt Kelty's supporters. I applaud Steve for this stance, and wish to publicly commend him for taking the high road on this one.

Kelty paid Indianapolis-based Faulkner Strategies $6,000 for political consulting and $13,925 to Zogby International for polling. (This was the infamous poll that Kelty (surprise!) knew nothing about).


otto said...

What in the hell is the "Indiana Newscenter" doing contributing to Kelty...esp. such a paltry amount? Why compromise yourself? Obviously rationality has gone out the window.

Parson said...

It's a good thing Kelty lives such a frugal lifestyle.

de_tokeville said...

As opposed to a decadent homosexual one. I think he's trying to be the poster boy for the kind of gay marriage right-wingers approve of.

Eric White said...


According to Micah Clark, only the "left" is upset by the AFA commercial.

Therefore Steve Shine couldn't possibly be concerned about the commercial! :)

John Good said...

The "left" seems to have undergone an extremely heavy recruitment period over the last few days. . . ;)

Stan Matuska said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say Kelty and the Republicans are trying their best NOT to win the mayoral election!!!

John Good said...

Stan - Just call them the "Kelt-Key Stone Cops"!