Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kelty Grand Jury Reconvenes

Special prosecutor Dan Sigler has brought the Kelty grand jury back:
A grand jury that indicted Republican mayoral candidate Matt Kelty on felony charges of perjury and filing fraudulent campaign finance reports met again Monday at the Allen County Courthouse to hear more testimony.

Daniel Sigler, the special prosecutor assigned to the case by Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards, confirmed the six-member grand jury met and that some people were called to give testimony.

Hmmm. I wonder where this is going? There were rumblings early on that the investigation had expanded to include 3 people beyond Kelty. Kelty's campaign manager, Glenna Jehl, and loan contributor Fred Rost were obvious choices but Don Willis was the one that came out of left field. Perhaps it's gone beyond that now?


otto said...

geez, you would think by now they would be able to get their stories straight, unless of course someone is trying to save their arse. I wonder how this is gonna be spun by the kool aid drinkers.

J Q Taxpayer said...

Interesting... supports some beliefs I have had for months. But time will tell the truth.

Left field may not be as far out there as you think.

otto said...

Given that some conspiracy charges could be considered I am guessing the Kelty reservation is gonna claim that people are being stool pigeons and he is once again a victim and being persecuted.

steve said...

I too will be interested where this is going. If they go after Rost it would be an interesting twist. Of course, regardless of the outcome this is unfortunate coverage for the Kelty folks.

Also, after some Mad Anthony beer, I spend some time deconstructing Kelty public defense:

Kelty's Fight

J Q Taxpayer said...


it is unknown if a true conspiracy was hatched by a few or not. One person may have been dupped (not Kelty). Time will tell, but a conspiracy could be out there. It just depends on who wants to fall on the sword.

There is a solid theory that fell into place more then a month ago. It has not been made known to the public as it may not be true. Hence, to hang people out to dry for the sake of discussion, is something some of us just won't do.

How it all plays out will take time and only then can the theory be proven correct or false.

otto said...

For the sake of discussion? What do you mean? Given that there will be no legal verdict before the election, I don't think we should be inhibited in airing possible scenarios. In fact it should not be discouraged in the slightest.

J Q Taxpayer said...

Well Otto, while I would love to layout the theory in detail and connect every dot it just is not going to happen. What happens to the people that look like they may be linked but are not? Is it fair to drag them through the mud? I don't, and won't!

I believe in our system. Kelty may or may not be guilty. I believe the Grand Jury thought there was enough question as to Kelty's actions that a full court review should be conducted.