Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ILBA Endorsements for Municipal Election

Allen County Libertarian Party Chairwoman, Jennifer Jeffrey, attended a meeting of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association yesterday where they released their endorsements for the upcoming city election. She has been kind enough to share those endorsements with me and thus I'll share them with the readers of this blog. The ILBA is a non-profit organization that advocates for restaurants and bar owners.
Mayor: Tom Henry (D)
1st:Boyd (D)
2nd: Goldner (D)
3rd: Didier (R)
4th: Stewart (D)
5th: Fuller (L)
6th: Hines (D)
At Large: Porter-Ross (D), Essex (D), Bender (R)

It appears they've taken a "throw the bums out" stance as the only incumbents they've endorsed are Didier, voted against the smoking ban, and Hines who offered an amendment to exempt 21 and over establishments. The biggest surprise is that they didn't endorse Byron Peters in the 1st district considering that he is the owner of the 412 Club. There must be some sort of backstory on that one and perhaps Jennifer or someone else will fill us in.

One has to wonder why there was no press conference or press release. However, Jennifer was there so I'll take her word for it...


Anonymous said...

The fact that they did not endorse Byron Peters is just ridiculous.

I can understand their support of Didier, Bender, Fuller, Stewart, and Hines. But the rest just don't make sense to me.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

No way in hell I am touching that one.... maybe after the election...

John Good said...

Stewart owns a local bar, is sensitive to the smoking-ban issue, and is an obvious fit for this group.

Parson said...

I noticed a poster at a local club with the names of all the people running with check marks next to the names the ILBA endorsed. At the bottom Crawford's name has a circle with a slash through it.