Wednesday, October 03, 2007

County Council Rejects Zoo Funding

This happened a few weeks ago and I forgot to make a post about it. Readers might remember that County Council president Paul Moss, who is also a sitting board member for the zoo, wanted to give $500k in economic development money the zoo. Keep in mind that the zoo has never received public funding. I've previously written that not only was this a blatant conflict of interest for councilman Moss, but also a genuinely bad idea.

Thankfully the county council agreed with myself, and the county commissioners, and voted against Moss' plan:
In August, the council pulled $500,000 from the highway department’s remaining CEDIT dollars for its own use. The council voted against giving that money to the zoo.

Councilman Roy Buskirk, R-at large, voted against the zoo funding. In his explanation, he referenced the highway department already facing a short-changed budget.

Also voting against the zoo funding, Councilwoman Maye Johnson, D-1st, said she was concerned that giving the zoo money would not create jobs, often a key factor for financing economic development projects.

While councilman Moss did abstain from the vote it still doesn't excuse his peddling of this proposal to begin with. And he's not done yet:
Moss said he would try to meet with the county commissioners to reach a compromise on the zoo issue after Councilman Cal Miller, R-4th, suggested giving just $250,000 to the zoo.

Hopefully the commissioners will continue to reject Moss' wasteful spending plans. For those that are interested here is the roll call vote for the zoo funding:

Against the funding:
Paula Hughes, R-2nd
Maye Johnson, D-1st
Patt Kite, R-at large
Roy Buskirk, R-at large

For it:
Cal Miller, R-4th
Darren Vogt, R-3rd

Paul Moss, R-at large

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