Thursday, September 27, 2007

Republicans for Henry Rally

There will be a Tom Henry press conference today that will double as a Republicans for Henry rally:
The Henry for Mayor campaign announced Wednesday night Democratic mayoral candidate Tom Henry will hold a news conference at 4:30 p.m. today at the Allen County Courthouse green, and at least one Republican elected official could be standing with him.

While the media advisory says Henry will discuss “his broad-based community support and his openness to a variety of perspectives,” sources in the Allen County Republican Party have said the news conference will double as a rally of Republicans for Henry, with at least 40 members of the Republican Party standing with Henry in support.

This should be interesting. I'll get there and try to report on who shows up to support Henry. I've seen several Republicans for Henry bumper stickers over the past few days so I think the size of this group may be growing. By the way, I'm not sure what Kelty should have said when asked to comment but probably not this:
“For someone to demonstrate they're winning because some Republicans are voting with a Democratic candidate is returning to the status quo,” Kelty said. “It's a more tired way of thinking that you have to steal votes from the other side to win.”

Note to Kelty - elected Republican officials standing alongside a Democratic candidate is not the status quo; far from it. And shouldn't part of everyone's campaign strategy be to try and win crossover votes? I suppose the fact that you think this is a "tired way of thinking" is part of the reason why recent polls have you behind...


ROACH said...
check out this link!
and this one:
be sure to read the accompanying
rant- which is my real point-
its the veterans, stupid!
and AMTRAK svc to FTW.

otto said...

jeez Kelty can't think his way out of a paper bag. How is he to implement all these abstract goals and ideas when the basics of democracy escape him?

Gloria said...

I recently posted a fake news story about Kelty on my blogsites and If David Roach thinks it's funny, it means it's FUNNY!