Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Challenge For Matt Kelty

So I'm sure you've all heard how Matt Kelty is going to reduce taxes by 10%. Of course once he realized that wasn't realistic he changed his plan to have zero growth in the city budget.

Well guess what, the city budget is out and available for everyone to scrutinize. So c'mon Matt, break out that red pen and show us what parts of the budget you would nix to meet your goals. You see this is where the rubber (and rhetoric) meets the road when it comes to government. Anybody can stand in front of a microphone and make empty promises but now is you chance to show us your leadership.

Tell us which parts of the city budget you're going to slash. We've heard soundbites, slogans and platitudes but no substance. So here's your chance - carpe diem...

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otto said...

Well put. I think there is a better chance that Notre Dame is gonna call him to help out his ailing alma mater.