Thursday, September 06, 2007

Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards is a Disgrace

AWB has a post linking to a story about a convicted child molester that is being given a slap on the wrist despite allegedly beating, kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman:
Prosecutors dropped two counts of criminal deviate conduct, a count of attempted rape, a felony count of battery, a count of criminal confinement and a count of being a repeat sexual offender. The reason wasn't immediately clear.

Meyer could now spend up to five years in prison, a fraction of the up to 81 years he originally faced. Police arrested Meyer because a woman claimed he hit her at an undisclosed home and told her “Your boyfriend gave me permission to do what I want,” according to court records. The woman told police Meyer then sexually assaulted her, threatened to kill her, beat her, tried to rape her and held her captive for nearly an hour and a half, according to court documents.

“I thought I was going to die,” the woman had told police.

The Allen County Prosecutor, Karen Richards, is ultimately responsible for this lack of justice. This is just another example of our criminal justice system not taking care of these scumbags. Now this guy will be free in two a half years to continue to torment the people of this community. When will the sheeple demand justice? Is there ANY crime that this crop of prosecutors won't give the most lenient sentence to?


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