Friday, August 03, 2007

Leaky Pipe - Better Call 911

Fort Wayne Community Schools issued a press release today to alert people that "emergency" maintenance is going to take place at Washington Elementary School:
Emergency facilities work will be done at Washington Elementary School before the 2007-08 school year begins to repair a leaking, corroded pipe in the gymnasium.

The condition of the pipe has made the gymnasium off limits. For safety reasons, no activities will be held in the gym until the pipe is repaired.

Since when does a leaking pipe constitute an emergency? Is this what these sore losers are going to do all year - issue a press release every single time they fix something? We get it; things need to be fixed. How about spending your time prioritizing the problems instead of issuing silly press releases...

(H/T: Mitch Harper)


Robert Enders said...

It's an emergency? Classes haven't even started yet.

Code Blue Schools said...

Any fatalities?