Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kelty Indicted on 9 Counts

UPDATE (5:22pm): Evidently one of the counts is perjury. The grand jury investigation revealed that Don Willis and not Fred Rost was the source of the Harrison Square poll and they must've found that Kelty lied to the grand jury about that poll. (Hat tip to DFWB who saw the Indiana News Center live broadcast - this blogger missed it because I left 15 minutes before Kelty arrived - apparently in handcuffs). I've gotta run to the city council meeting. More later...

UPDATE: (11:03pm): Two of the counts were perjury and Don Willis AND Fred Rost evidently paid for the poll. I posed the perjury question to Matt Kelty himself tonight at the courthouse. I'll have more posts later...

It's official.

Indiana News Center has the story:
(Fort Wayne) -- A grand jury investigating whether Republican mayoral nominee Matt Kelty broke any campaign finance laws Tuesday returned a nine-count indictment against the candidate.

Word of the indictment was confirmed by Off. Steve Stone of the Allen County Sheriff's Department. Stone said late Tuesday afternoon that officers were in the process of arresting Kelty.

Kelty revealed after the May primary that some $160,000 he claimed he lent to his own campaign actually came from three of his key supporters.

The Allen County Election Board voted in June that Kelty did not violate campaign finance laws. But a complaint was filed with the Allen County prosecutor's office, keeping the case alive.

Dan Sigler from Whitley County was appointed as special prosecutor, and last month he asked that a grand jury be impaneled.

Six jurors and an alternate began meeting last week to determine whether Kelty violated state campaign finance laws.


Craig said...

Holy Crap

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Innocent until proven guilty is all that should be focused on.

Unfortunately, in the media they have hung him, as they often do.

What about Republican Party officials who have been convicted of felony counts---and public officials, etc... They never got such bad press in the magnitude that is hitting the streets right now.

Joe said...

This thing is all but over for the Republicans. They should do the smart thing and get another person in there as soon as possible to even have a chance at winning the Nov. election.