Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Karen Goldner On 2nd District Infrastructure Needs

The topic of neighborhood infrastructure came up at last night's city council meeting with councilmen Didier and Hayhurst suggesting that part of the $40 Million City Light Fund lease should be used to address infrastructure concerns within our neighborhoods...

Goldner commits to greater neighborhood involvement in 2nd District infrastructure
For immediate release August 29, 2007

Fort Wayne, IN---Together with residents of Renfrew Drive in northeast Fort Wayne, 2nd District Council Candidate Karen Goldner pledged to make sure that funds designated for neighborhood infrastructure improvements are targeted to the areas of greatest need in north/northeast Fort Wayne.
“Renfrew Drive is in as bad a condition as any in the 2nd District. Despite the neighborhood requesting resurfacing several years ago, nothing has been done,” said Goldner. “At the other end of the district, sidewalks in Lakeside are so grown over with grass and weeds that residents in wheelchairs cannot use them, but these needs are also ignored.”
“At one time the 2nd District was relatively new,” said Goldner. “However, over the past thirty years there has been considerable decay in neighborhood infrastructure, and it is long past time to address it.”
Goldner added that streets in the Parkview Addition off of St. Joe Center Road, several streets in Pine Valley, and Tanbark Lane are other trouble spots in the district. These and other areas have been identified during Goldner’s extensive neighborhood walking campaign and talking with neighborhood leaders.
“One of the roles of the District Councilperson is to be an outspoken advocate for the district and its neighborhoods,” said Goldner. “If elected, I pledge to be the advocate that we need.”


Robert Rouse said...

You beat me to it, Jeff! LOL

Jeff Pruitt said...

I was told that the media actually showed up to Karen's press conference so there might actually be coverage on tonight's newscast and/or in tomorrow's papers...

AmericanWhiteGuy said...

Our neighborhood used to be a part of district 2. It's nice that Karen is, at the very least, bringing up the issue.