Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Huckabee Rolls On

GOP Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's campaign is starting to gain steam after his populist speeches helped lead him to a surprising 2nd place finish in the Iowa straw poll:
"People actually return our phone calls. They are starting to believe," Saltsman tells me. Ever since Huckabee's strong second place showing in the Iowa straw poll, Saltsman has seen a big difference. “We’ve had a good 10 days since the straw poll. We definitely had our best stretch online since the straw poll. We now have thirteen fundraisers on the books with either five or six pending. Half of the money is coming from Arkansas, a good chunk from Texas and strong interest in California.”
One of those donors in California is a billionaire but the campaign won’t reveal who it is except to say that it is not a celebrity.

The GOP isn't going to nominate Rudy Guiliani because, well because he's nuts for starters. Romney seems to be floundering while McCain's straight talk expressed derailed while the conductor was kissing the President's keister and Fred Thompson hasn't even declared. So can Huckabee pull off the upset?

(H/T: TPM)


Robert Enders said...

Huckabee might get Iowa. He won't get the nomination. Guiliani is nuts but so is the rest of the GOP. Huckabee is actually scary enough to drive normal people into the Hillary camp.

Craig said...

Wow, I actually agree with Robert.

He's right, I think S.C. & N.H. goes to Romney. Then again, I could be wrong.