Thursday, August 23, 2007

GOP Executive Committee Does Not Support Matt Kelty

Despite Steve Shine's outrage about information leaking out of the executive committee meetings, I've been told about the lack of support Matt Kelty received in their last meeting. I think it's important to point out that the executive committee is simply an advisory board set up by the party chairman and has no actual authority and there was no official vote taken.

Having said that, I have it from a reliable source that if you had to classify those that did not want to support Kelty going forward vs those that did want to support him - the "vote" would be 18-6 against supporting Kelty.

When I attempted to confirm this with another source I was told that it was difficult to put everyone's statements into such a black-and-white position. They told me that feelings toward Matt's candidacy ranged from complete and total support to he's a liar and should be thrown out of party headquarters.

Although the 2nd source wouldn't confirm the 18-6 number I think it's safe to say that Kelty does not have a lot of support within the executive committee...


LP Mike Sylvester said...

WANE TV is reporting there are 25 people on the Executive Committee; however, Kevin Leininger reported there were 15 Tuesday in the NS.

Does anyone know which number is accurate?

It sounds like Jeff Pruitt is agreeing with 25.

If they have an Executive Committee with 25 people on it that would be one of the largest Executive Committee's I have ever heard of.

Mike Sylvester

Jeff Pruitt said...


I'm not sure everyone was there at the same time during the last meeting. I too was shocked to hear there were 25 members...