Thursday, August 23, 2007

Comment of the Day

Mike Sylvester has a post about the incredulous fate of Memorial Stadium. In the comments, councilman Sam Talarico amusingly responded to John B Kalb's assertion that Mayor Richard would attempt to name the Harrison Square city park after himself:
John B. Kalb, I have heard you say some ridiculous things about H. Square, but this may be the best yet. Yes, John, its going to be Graham Richard park. That is what is behind this. Mayor Richard has an insatiable thirst to have a park named after him. I also think they should name the left field wall the "Kalb Monster" in honor of your wall like opposition to change downtown.

Is there still time to work the Kalb Monster into the design?


scott s. said...

"Yea man, I was at the game last night and snagged a home run off the Kalb Monster! Couldn't do that at Memorial Stadium!"

John B. Kalb said...

Scott S. Not yet, but after Hardball gives up on the boondoggle downtown, they still could name the left field wall after me. ha, ha But it will never happen - Tim Pape told me at Indy today that he would never allow this to happen - after I told him I would buy a beer for Sam T. Jr. if there ever is an opening night at a new downtown stadium (that's if I live that long - who knows - it might happen in 50 years) John B. Kalb

scott s. said...

Make sure you contact me ahead of time in April of 2009 so I can get a picture of you buying a beer for Sam.