Monday, August 20, 2007

C'mon Steve

In Sunday's JG, Steve Shine unfairly bashed the Democratic Party:
Steve Shine, chairman of the Allen County Republican Party, said he wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats try to take advantage of the situation.

“The mode of operation of the Democrats of almost every campaign is attacking the person instead of addressing the issues,” Shine said.

Every campaign? How about naming just one?

And let's not forget that the Democratic party is not attacking Matt Kelty - Steve should chastise his own party for that. Having said that, an investigation into whether or not a candidate committed perjury by giving knowingly false testimony to a grand jury is an issue that's germane to any campaign - and Steve Shine knows that...


Kaiser said...

I was around for the last Fort Wayne Mayoral election, and I can specifically remember being immediately turned off to Linda Buskirk and her negative tone. She immediately went on the attack toward Graham. I wasn't impressed and later I learned that this was a rematch.

Mark Souder is the poster child for negative campaigns, but I do have to say I was dissapointed that Hayhurst stooped to his level.

I understand the whole, "Go Party Go" mentallity, but both Kevin and Steve are both pretty extreme.

Craig said...

Kind of quiet around the blogohood today. Everybody all worn out from the GOP indictment fest last week?

Just curious

Greg McClain said...

Gee, I am getting ready to do my traveling job again and will be gone for awhile, but I would say it is quite today.
But, Vick said he would plead guilty to those charges and oh yea - Steve Shine told me to shut up after a post on my site. But, that's pretty much the way he is all the time.

Robert said...

Democrats have short memories. When the financing flap hit, all holier-than-thou Dems paraded before the media to pledge that they would always reveal loans as campaign financing.

Then our friendly Dems, Nick Hess and Andy Downs, masquerading as non-partisan Common Cause libs, filed a lawsuit against the GOP Mayorial candidate after Kelty was cleared by the election commission,

Finally, a Dem special prosecutor took the easy way to an indictment by calling a grand jury where he could call witnesses and present only the information that he wanted shown to the panel.

These actions assured negative press, and a huge advantage in the election for the Democrats.

Craig said...

Re: robert

Looks like the Kelty braintrust just showed up.

Common Cause didn't file a lawsuit, they filed a criminal complaint; hence the criminal indictment.

The prosecutor was appointed by Allen Co. prosecutor Karen Richards, a pretty big Republican last time I checked.

Talk about short memories, this robert guy may be in the lucid phase of Korsakov syndrome.

Jeff Pruitt said...


At the end of the day every single person knows this entire thing was initiated by Republican insiders.

There is no way you can deny that. Once the information was in the public domain there were Democrats that were upset - including myself. But the Democrats only know about this issue because Republicans leaked it to them and because Republicans pushed Kelty to alter his campaign finance report...