Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday JG Roundup

I know this is a little late but I thought I'd link to few stories that caught my eye in today's JG.

Sylvia Smith hits the nail on the head with respect to Souder's fake-concern over Iraq policy:
Souder was so close to voting last week to require the bulk of the troops to be withdrawn by next spring. He said he probably would have supported a fall deadline. It seems to me if a lawmaker has reached a decision that a major troop withdrawal is the proper course, then quibbling over six months is not something to defend to a family from New Haven that loses a son or daughter to the next IED.

Notice that Souder hasn't been proposing any bipartisan legislation to bring our troops home.

Karen Francisco and Tracy Warner want you to believe that nobody is responsible for your increase in property taxes - you know, stuff happens:
Who’s to blame for higher tax bills?

The decisions of so many officials affect tax bills that none is responsible.

Would you expect anything less from an editorial page that has never seen a tax increase it didn't like?

Kudos to the Three Rivers Festival workers, Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries and all the officers that helped apprehend a purse snatcher.

A couple of personal observations
Another bar closed today - Fenders, located in the shopping center at Coldwater and Dupont, is officially closed

A few people I spoke with were quite annoyed by the political presence of both mayoral campaigns at the TRF parade. They were trying to enjoy the event with their kids and were being constantly bombarded with political propaganda.


Karen Goldner said...

I don't think that the J-G was saying that no one is responsible at all, but rather that the cause of the large property tax increase is due to the actions of many officials at many levels of government (state, local, and in some instances the schools).

People can see their property taxes go up X% and easily assume that government spending has gone up the same amount. However, that isn't necessarily true and that is what the J-G editorial was explaining. You could even have government spending go up and taxes go down, if the property tax base were to increase a lot or if your property were assessed less than other properties.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I agree that's the point they were trying to make but I think that's a copout. There are certain items that clearly led to tax increases. Take Aboite for example, the annexation is the biggest part of their tax increase. Therefore, anyone that supported annexation for that area is directly responsible for that increase...