Sunday, July 08, 2007

Langley Out of 4th District Council Race

Ben Lanka and Niki Kelly report in today's Political Notebook section of the JG that Democratic candidate Charles Langley has withdrawn from the 4th district city council race:
Charles Langley, who won a contested Democratic primary this spring, filed papers Thursday with the Allen County Election Board to remove his name from the ballot.

According to a letter written by Langley, he was promoted by the Southwest Allen County Schools Board on June 5 to department coordinator for social studies at Summit Middle School, where he teaches.

“It is my fear that with these new responsibilities in addition to potentially holding a political office that my performance in education would at times be lackluster,” he wrote. “I will not chance giving less than my best for one second to education.”

It's really too bad - Charles is a very genuine person, was a good candidate and the city needs more young people active in local politics. I sincerely hope that party members don't hold any ill will towards Charles because I think he would make an excellent candidate in the future. I would like to publicly wish him well in his new position.

According to Allen County Democratic Party Chairman Kevin Knuth the party still plans on fielding a candidate against Republican candidate Mitch Harper:
Kevin Knuth, Allen County Democratic chairman, said Langley’s withdrawal doesn’t mean Harper will get a free pass this fall.

He said the party has about a month to fill a vacancy created by a withdrawal and guaranteed a Democrat would run for the seat.

Councilman Tom Hayhurst, D-4th, announced this year he won’t seek re-election.

Keeping the district’s seat is critical for the Democrats to have any chance of recapturing a council majority.

Let's be honest here. The only candidate that probably has a shot at beating Harper at this point would be Dr Hayhurst. Hayhurst has been a good councilman and I sincerely hope he might reconsider stepping down. For those of you that would like to see Dr Tom enter the race - feel free to send him an e-mail ( voicing your support...

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