Thursday, July 26, 2007

Backhanded Slap at Matt Kelty in Pape's Fundraiser Invitation

The text might be difficult to read but notice the giving levels listed:

$50, $125, $250, $150,000 (let's just be up front about it)



Charlotte A. Weybright said...

I receive a few of these in the mail. I would love to go to some of these fundraisers, but I simply can't afford it. While $50 may seem like a paltry sum to many, to me it is an electric bill, a water bill, or any number of other important items.

My level is around the $25 mark, but that doesn't buy much these days.

Jeff Pruitt said...


I'm sure Tim would be happy to get whatever people are willing to give...

Angry White Boy said...

Coming from a sitting city councilman, that's a cheap shot.

Robert Rouse said...

Some shameless self-promotion here. From 9AM EST tomorrow morning until 9AM EST on Sunday morning, I will be blogging for the Alliance for Climate Protection as part of Blogathon 2007. Drop by Left of Centrist and help save our planet.

Parson said...

That's pretty funny. I might donate to him just because he got a good zing in on Kelty.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

What's cheap about the comment about holding the fundraiser downtown? People are reading into it what they want. Tim was probably staving off an inevitable question about the location, given his strong support for Harrison Square and downtown.

And, Jeff, you're right, the next time I get an invite, I will see if a lower giving level is acceptable. I always look at the things and see the dollar amount and give up.

Sam T. said...

AWB, you are so right, what a cheap shot by Councilman Pape. Its good to see that this bothers you. I know that you have consistently refrained from taking part in cheap shots and name calling on your website and I commend you for that.


Fat Sammy
Sammy the Bull
Ninja Cathy Hawks
King Crawfish

Parson said...

Well said Sam!

Angry White Boy said...

It didn't bother me, but it was a cheap shot by one of our "so-called leaders".

And, I thought you'd be flattered by "Sammy the Bull" ;) After all, he did rat on John Gotti.

As for Ninja Hawks, I stand by that one. She was dressed in black, and caught red-handed by one of Fort Wayne's finest firefighters taking down Kelty signs. Now she's openly denouncing the party's elected nominee. Then again, so did you. That's unity brother.

People have been calling Crawford Crawfish for years, I didn't make that one up. As a matter of fact the first time I saw it was on another blog. But, then again everyone is sooo sensitive these days, I guess I should be more like Michael Moore. That guy makes both of us look skinny.

Oh, and the offer for you and I to join weight watchers together still stands.

Not a Fort Wayne Councilman
Chubby 'lil fuzzball AWB

Have fun!

Parson said...

Do you think Matt Kelty would get a laugh out of it or be upset? I'm just wondering if he has a sense of humor.

Rachel said...

Let's also remember that this was a fundraising announcement meant for Pape's supporters.

I would anticipate Councilman Pape to be savvy enough to keep this kind of humor to those who expects to support and vote for him. Direct mail and ads that will be for consumption by the general public will probably be absent any of this rhetoric.

Greg McClain said...

The problem here is that Pape's attempt at humor kind of shows the whole situation we have in city government - right now it is a joke!
I agree he should have kept that little attempt of humor behind closed doors - you know kind of how they did the Harrison Square city council meeting........gee know I'm the funny guy.