Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nelson Peters Wants to Waste Your Money

The JG reports that Memorial Coliseum board is receiving some resistance towards their plan of tearing down Memorial Stadium:
Mac Parker, Coliseum board president, told the Allen County commissioners Friday that Coliseum officials expect to complete two construction projects in 2009. Those proposed projects include renovating the almost 20-year-old exposition center and tearing down Memorial Stadium, where the Fort Wayne Wizards play, to expand the parking lot.

But Commissioner Nelson Peters found the idea of tearing down the baseball stadium troubling, he said.

Peters said all possible uses of the stadium should be explored, and he suggested creating another committee to find someone who wants or needs to use the stadium.

Are you f#!@$ng kidding me?!?

There have already been TWO separate studies of this - the BaseballPLUS committee and the ridiculous waste of money for the CSL study (which I'm told the county partly paid for). There is no cost-effective use for that stadium once Harrison Square is built - period. Your high priced consultants (who apparently also have common sense) already told you this.

But rest assured, Nelson Peters knows better. He'll create another committee and likely fund another study and by golly this one will come to the right conclusion. I don't even know what else to say - I'm just flabbergasted. I'll go on record about this study by quoting what I said about the previous one:
Of course the city can't support two stadiums - did we really need to pay $45K to an out-of-state consultant for that? Am I the only one that finds this incredibly - how should I put it - dumb? Not only does this study undermine the negotiations with the downtown developers, it also wastes more money than a lot of hard-working people make in a year. The city leaders involved in commissioning this study should be ashamed...

Now it's Peters that should be ashamed...

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Parson said...

Isn't insanity defined as someone doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome?