Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fort Wayne Trivia

Not to distract from the Kelty fiasco, the local GOP has obviously done a fine job of that on their own. . .but here is this week's edition of Fort Wayne Trivia:

1. - In Southgate Plaza, there's an A.J.Wright store. It was formerly a Big Lots store, and a Stillman's before that. What was the name of the original store in that location?

2. - What was the name of the new vehicle that International Harvester began producing here in 1960?

3. - What was the name of the Maloley Brother's Supermarket's redemption stamps?

Answers and kudos tomorrow night!


Sheri said...

1. Grant's?

2. The scout?

3. Gold Stamps?

Sheri said...

Okay, I think the stamps were called M & M stamps

John Good said...

Sheri - Thanks for playing! Two out of three:

1. Grand Leader

2. Yes, The Scout

3. Half right twice= Correct! M&M Gold Stamps.