Monday, June 04, 2007

Fort Wayne GOP Continues to Undermine Kelty Campaign

Many of you may remember this post where I suggested that there were sinister motives behind certain members of the Allen County GOP "helping" Matt Kelty by suggesting he update his campaign finance report to reflect $160k in loans. Local Republican blogger (and Kelty supporter) AWB has the goods and sends a letter to Republican Party Chair Steve Shine:

Matt has done everything you and the four horsemen of the apocalypse (Neumeister, Bodenhafer, Jaggers, and Bean) have asked and more.

The motives, intent, and actions behind this whole theater of deceit is the worst kept secret in Fort Wayne. Matt has supporters in every circle and they are reporting open discussions by Party officials and “fixers” about how they pulled a fast one on Matt and how they can’t wait to get Peters on the ballot.

He is trying to remain loyal to the Party, and you are repaying his loyalty by violating his trust. At the end of the day, Matt won the old fashion way, he got more votes. He did it with less money, without the support of the Party, with a message and vision that resonated with voters, and by working harder. He will do it again if he has to. You are going to have to convict him, because he will not quit.

Is the suicide pact you’ve entered into with the horsemen to keep Kelty off the ballot worth destroying the Party?


I have been an avid critic of Kelty's decision to withhold the source of his loans but I said then and I will reiterate now - Matt Kelty should respect the will of the voters and not drop out of the race. If anyone should step down it is Steve Shine...

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John Good said...

Shine still retains his "gung ho" attitude through it all - the Squadrito/Buskirk catastrophe, the GOP ethics scandal from last summer, and his efforts to hide his "personal transgressions" last fall. . .

Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely. . .and leads to false thoughts of invincibility.

This ride is coming to it's obvious conclusion. . .