Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blue Side Off to a Good Start in FWCS Petition Drive

The News-Sentinel reports that the remonstrators are off to a fast start:
Opponents of Fort Wayne Community Schools’ $500 million building project have submitted 2,656 more signatures than proponents of the project since a petition drive began June 1, according to Tera Klutz, deputy auditor for the Allen County Auditor’s Office.

I would caution anyone reading too much into these numbers at this point. I agree w/ Code Blue Schools - I simply think the Yellow Side is intentionally not turning in their signed petitions:
The yellow side is not turning their petitions in so it will look like they can't win and people stop people from coming out to sign blue petitions.

So from now on the numbers you see will mean nothing and we have to go on the assumption they're ahead and keep going after signatures like they're ahead.

In the same story the leader of the Yellows claims that they are going to re-examine their strategy:
John Peirce, head of “Write Yellow. Right Now,” which is lobbying for the project, said his group would meet this week to rethink what it’s doing right and doing wrong.

I think the proper strategy would've been to take the $250-300 Million compromise and have avoided the remonstrance altogether - but now here we are. I would encourage everyone to sign and carry the blue petition...

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