Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bayh Right To Restrict Chinese Food Imports But As Usual He's Inconsistent

Tuesday's JG had a story about Senator Evan Bayh discussing the idea of restricting the imports of Chinese food:
In a letter to FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach, Bayh said the FDA should consider restricting Chinese exports of food and medicine ingredients “until it can be established that its bulk ingredients meet U.S. health and safety standards.”

Of course Bayh voted against Country of Origin Labeling back in 2003 - this allows consumers to use their wallets to restrict Chinese imports by letting them know where their meat comes from. Although the bill passed, it has been delayed until 2008 by President Bush due to "cost concerns". Frankly I'm sick and tired of Bayh taking both sides of an issue. This isn't that difficult, you either think that consumers should know where their food comes from or you don't.

Another Bayh trade-related issue from the story:
Bayh, for instance, has called a hearing of the subcommittee he chairs to hear witnesses Wednesday discuss China’s artificial devaluation of its currency and its denial of market access to U.S. financial services.
Once again Bayh is coming around to the correct position but it's taken over a decade to get there. I suppose I should just be happy that he's actually sounding like a Democrat on this issue but I'm still pissed about the Iraq supplemental - I'm sure Bayh will vote to send the President a blank check on that bill as well...

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