Sunday, April 29, 2007

EACS Superintendent Doesn't Know When to Shutup

To EACS Superintendent Kay Novotny:

Someone once describe to me that the worst type of politician is the one that loses votes every time they open their mouth. I think this accurately describes you and the administration at EACS.

Your immediate overreaction to the column requesting tolerance for homosexuals, and the public rebuke that followed, speaks for itself. But then you took it a step further by saying you were going to fire Ms Sorrell partly because of her "efforts to cast Principal Yoder in a false light". This was completely laughable and only led to more public criticism.

So with a public hearing looming, and with hundreds of Sorrell supporters ready to show up and tell the administration what they thought, you worked out a last minute deal to save a little face. When I first heard this I immediately wondered who had taken over the situation as this common sense decision certainly couldn't have from whomever was previously in charge of the situation.

But just like that politician described above you came back to fully embarrass yourself and EACS one last time.

"EACS senior administrators have been able to set aside their frustrations with the spin applied to this situation to give Amy Sorrell a second chance to prove, despite her relative youth and obvious inexperience, that she can make as great a positive mark on EACS education as the administrators whose reputations her comments and actions have helped tarnish"

The arrogance in this statement can only be described as ironic. Sorrell is a teacher with almost unanimous support in the community and who is well respected by her peers. You, on the other hand, have been ridiculed throughout this mess and have led a disastrous, ham-handed public relations debacle. I have no doubt that your approach to this situation will be used in future case studies about what not to do when a similar situation arises.

Board President Stephen Terry may think you "really took the high road" but that must have been before he heard quotes like those above. Suggesting that your compassion is the reason for the settlement is an insult to the collective intelligence of the public and it's certainly something you shouldn't have said publicly.

Of course you only make such statements after the settlement and when there's no threat of a public hearing - that's called cowardice. If you disagree then schedule the public hearing anyway and let everyone tell you what they think of how you handled this situation. After all you think everyone owes you an apology right?

Although Mrs. Sorrell’s apology is the first one received, it should not be the last apology East Allen County Schools and its administrators should receive on this matter

It's bad enough you forced an apology from a teacher just trying to keep her job, but now you want the rest of us to apologize? Fine I will issue you an apology.

I'm sorry you've embarrassed yourself and EACS.
I'm sorry the good people of EACS have to suffer under your leadership.
I'm sorry your disastrous public relations skills have tarnished EACS.
I'm sorry that your petty public comments continue to harm Ms Sorrell.
I'm sorry that you and principal Yoder don't have the dignity to resign.

There, I feel much better knowing that I too have taken the high road and apologized...

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