Thursday, March 29, 2007

FOIA Update (Part 3) on Harrison Square Project

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Previously (here and here) I have blogged about my FOIA request to the Fort Wayne city council and mayor Graham Richard's office. This request was to provide me with all communications between themselves and the Hardball Capital group before they purchased the Wizards and the city council responded by saying they had no such communication.

However, during one of the mayor's "Report to the People" meetings he told me that he had communicated with Hardball Capital prior to their purchase of the Wizards and he promised to provide me copies of all the relevant communications. The city attorney has since provided me with the requested documents and in my opinion, just as in the latest US Attorney General FOIA request, there appears to be some missing communications. I would like the readers to provide their opinion as to whether or not they believe there is a missing piece of information. I've linked images of these documents and I've also provided a quick synopsis of each document below. Note that some of the images are upside down - I was simply too lazy to change them and re-upload but I'm sure the readers know how to rotate the images.

Cover Letter(2/22/07) - A brief paragraph from the city attorney stating what they have provided

Mayor Richard Schedule Entry (11/11/05) - An entry from the mayor's electronic schedule stating that he had a meeting w/ perspective new Wizards' buyers (Hardball Capital)

Mayor's Post-Meeting E-mail to Jason Freier of Hardball Capital (11/12/05) - A quick thank you for their interest and the mayor tells them that Gregg Leatherman will be their point of contact for future data and meeting scheduling

Hardball Capital E-mail to Gregg Leatherman (11/20/05) - Freier states that HC is looking for info in 3 categories - general info regarding the business climate in Fort Wayne, Blueprint Plus report including info about tax incentives, info about other significant projects such as the Grand Wayne Center.

Mayor's E-mail to Jason Freier of Hardball Capital (1/16/06) - Mayor states that he'd like to join the media conference regarding the purchase of the team. Then the last sentence states - "I will be in touch soon about the other issues".

Jason Freier E-mail to Mayor Richard (2/10/06) - Discussion about scheduling a press conference so all the necessary people can be present

John Perlich E-mail to Jason Freier (2/13/06) - Provides Hardball Capital w/ the contact info for the various media outlets

John Perlich E-mail to Jason Freier (2/17/06) - More contact info

Now let's go back to the 1/16/06 e-mail from the mayor to HC; the problem is we have no idea what these "other issues" are. There are no communications for almost 2 months and there is nothing after this e-mail to suggest what the "other issues" were. This could be no big deal but when reading these e-mails this glaring gap (in time as well as information) sticks out like a sore thumb.

I will be sending a request to the city attorney tomorrow to provide any relevant information they might have in regards to these apparent missing communications.

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