Friday, February 09, 2007

State Democrats Just Can't Quite Seize the Day

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As the JG reports:

House Democrats are abandoning a campaign proposal to eliminate the state sales tax on gasoline and will instead push legislation that would cap the pump price at which it would apply.

Let me just say this is a huge disappointment. This idea is the very epitome of populism - something the democrats must embrace in this state if they want to gain/keep a majority. This was a golden opportunity to eliminate a tax that is a burden on working class Hoosiers. They also had an opportunity to put the republicans on the defensive by making them go on the record by voting against the repeal of a tax.

Like financial junkies, at the end of the day they just couldn't break the habit. They NEED those tax dollars. Any effort to see where they could reduce spending or find another creative solution? Nope.

Say what you will about the Governor's privatization plans, but at least he takes the initiative to try and find an outside-the-box solution. Hell, he even proposed RAISING taxes on the highest wage earners to get the state back into the black. You don't think THAT was borderline political suicide for a Republican?

Show me a Democrat within the state legislature w/ ideas that bold and sadly I'll show you a Democrat from another state...

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