Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Karen Goldner Announces Candidacy for City Council

Fort Wayne, IN. Feb. 7:

Karen Goldner today announced her candidacy for Fort Wayne City Council, Second District. Speaking to a group of supporters at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, Goldner said, “Throughout my career, in public and private sector positions and in scores of volunteer activities, I have shown my dedication to taking on challenges and solving problems. I have established a track record of working to make Fort Wayne a place we can all be proud to call home – a track record of doing rather than just talking.”

Goldner, 43, has over twenty years of experience in economic and neighborhood development. “I believe that our city needs leadership with the kind of experience that I have,” Goldner said. “I have front-line experience helping businesses grow and prosper, hands-on experience helping workers improve their education and getting better jobs, and the community experience of making our neighborhoods safe havens and places that nurture the next generation. I know how to get things done. I know how to listen and then act. I believe in working hard and working together to make things happen.”

Goldner’s priorities will be focusing City Council’s attention on attracting and retaining quality jobs, protecting and supporting neighborhoods, encouraging fiscally responsible downtown development, and keeping property taxes as low as possible. “I know that tax dollars are our dollars, and that government’s first order of business is to make smart decisions, careful decisions, with our money,” said Goldner.

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More on this story from The Fort Wayne Reader:

FIRST IN SECOND - “The First Choice for the Second District” gets Political Animal’s nod for the catchiest political slogan in some time. Credit it to Karen Goldner. The Democrat is kicking off her campaign to unseat looooooonnnnng time second district City Councilman Don Schmidt. Schmidt, a Republican, has been a member of city council since time began. An old-school conservative who remains sharp as a tack, Schmidt has faced minimal opposition in recent years. However, Goldner could change that. Widely viewed as intelligent, passionate and well-connected by observers on both sides of the political aisle, Goldner served as the city’s director of economic development and worked successfully under both Democrat and Republican administrations. Currently, she leads economic development initiatives for influential local businessman Don Willis’ AdVenture Fund.

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Jeff Pruitt said...

I want to add something only marginally related to this post. Our organization was located at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center in 2005 (and before that although I wasn't there then). We moved out of the NIIC because it's actually too expensive. We found downtown space to be cheaper.

Having said that, they do offer better lease lengths and the space comes furnished and includes multiple conference rooms. They also have support staff to help w/ a variety of tasks to help grow your business.

In general, I'm not sold on the NIIC. I think if they truly want to be a successful incubator then their rates need to be more competitive...