Thursday, February 22, 2007

3rd Party Perspective

John Good, editor of Fort Wayne Left, read the following story on Fort Wayne Observed this evening:

Tax Adjustment Board is back

The Allen County Council voted 6 to 1 yesterday to restore the Allen County Tax Adjustment Board. The Board will have the power to review the operating levies of all Allen County units of local government which can impose property taxes.

Mitch Harper, editor of Fort Wayne Observed, has been a long-time advocate of the restoration of the Tax Adjustment Board. He has written about the Tax Adjustment Board as well as initiated discussion over the years with members of the County Council.

Last month, the County Council asked Mr. Harper and Bill Fishering, the County Attorney, to address the board regarding the history and statutory basis of the Tax Adjustment Board.
Council leadership on the issue was provided by Council President Paul Moss and Council member Darren Vogt.

Mr. Good, a local progressive activist, was amused by the third-party perspective of the author of the above post, Mitch Harper. Fort Wayne Left notes that Mr. Good's perspectives are also available on the weblogs "Left in Aboite", "The Katrinacrat", and "U-Blog Press". Mr. Good's work has also been recently featured on the national progressive blog "Crooks and Liars".


Old Broad said...

"John Good, editor of Fort Wayne Left"
You go!
I knew it. I knew you were a damn fine writer. Ha!

Craig said...

"George is getting upset!"

- George Castanza, ca. 1995.

Craig said...

BTW, that might be spelled COStanza. I'm not entirely sure.

Either or.