Sunday, November 12, 2006

Typepad suspends local blogger

Fort Wayne blogger Dan Turkette, aka Angry White Boy (and many other aliases) has had his typepad account suspended as of sometime last night. Turkette, owner of the local business "Great American Spice Company", is an extreme-right-wing blogger who attacks anyone and everyone who disagree with his set views on how American society should be. Unless you are a white Republican who vehemently hates anyone different from yourself, you will probably make his list of enemies. Indeed, I have been repeatedly trashed by Mr.Turkette for my liberal stances on local and national politics and my acceptance of those who are different from me. His favorite tools include photo-shopped images of those whom he disagrees with, and making annoymous or falsified-name comments on blogs he disagrees with.

Mr.Turkette's sole redeeming value is his crusade against child-molesters. He regularly posts their profiles in a "Fort Wayne's Most Wanted" sort of way. His friends often point to this as a reason to disregard the rest of the content on his site. I strongly disagree with this mindset. Supporting the prosecution of and voicing your opinion against deviants who molest our children does not make one admirable or place one upon a pedestal; IT SHOULD BE EXPECTED! Other than the aforementioned deviants, we ALL do anything and everything we can to protect our kids. I am pleased that these accused offenders are profiled by Mr.Turkette. This does not, however, give him license to attack other law-abiding citizens of different races or viewpoints. Ironically, it appears that his account was suspended DUE to his comments regarding one of these sex offenders.

Indeed, I'm not sure whether HIS rights are being stepped on here. I say that despite HIS constant stepping upon the rights and freedoms of others, including my own. I respect his rights as an American citizen to express his views, even though I disagree with 95% of them. This story is still developing; here are some local viewpoints:

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LP Mike Sylvester said...

I spent Sunday at The Colts game and did not hear about this until Sunday night.

This is 100% outrageous and absurd.

Read more at:

Mike Sylvester

Craig said...

Outrageous and absurd?

Is that even possible. I can be outraged, but if I'm outraged about something that is absurd then my outrage is absurd. The point of something being absurd is that it is absurd, and not usually worthy of outrage.

Think about it man.

Anonymous said...

believe half of what you hear and nothing that you read

Craig said...

amen to that!

Sheri said...

I think everyone is so up in arms about him being in trouble for posting these profiles of offenders. However, if he is in trouble at all, he is not in trouble for posting them, I think the problem is the commentary that he includes directives to call workplaces etc. If you accept the fact that this is harassment, then this violates the law that is stated on the registry. Regardless of where he got the informaiton from, that is the state law governing the registry.

Fortunately that's not my call because I'm not sure if it is harassment in the eyes of the law. I believe that these things sprinkled with all the hate, anger and vicious disregard for those that oppose him baked in an oven for 30 minutes at 325 may constitute a problem for him.

And if it is, maybe he'll get his just desserts, maybe it'll just make him a calmer more tolerant person. I'm not saying he has to tolerate offenders, just everyone else.

John Good said...

Sheri - That's one of the best comments I've seen on this yet. I don't wish any harm on the guy, as much shit as he's flung at me. . .but I hope he betters himself for it

I'd just like to see him act a tad more tolerant and respectful of others.