Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sorry, Everybody (NE Indiana Edition)

An open letter to the other 88.8% of Indiana,

On behalf of the 46% of us in Indiana's Third District who not only voted for Dr.Tom Hayhurst, but campaigned hard for him, manned phone banks, walked in parades, toured the entire district with Tom to introduce him to others, and worked to get out the vote. . .We're truly sorry. We delivered Allen County, no small feat in itself, but were slightly offset in the final weeks of the campaign by the realization of the NRCC and the Indiana GOP that Mark Souder REALLY WAS in trouble here, and their successful efforts to reach out to the mouth-breathing kool-aid drinkers throughout the rest of our area who buy into anything and everything that they are told by these people. I'm talking to YOU, Kosciusko and Elkhart counties, in particular. Here's my analysis for you:

Souder warned that Hayhurst would vote for amnesty for legal immigrants (read that back a few times if you're a regular WOWO listener). Why does a LEGAL immigrant need amnesty? The laws that Hayhurst support are, in fact, the same laws that Souder voted for FOUR times.

Souder warned that if you voted for Tom Hayhurst, you would be voting for Nancy Pelosi. You voted for Souder; Nancy Pelosi has just been declared our new Speaker of the House regardless. You have not only wasted your vote on this one, but you (and the rest of us) are now stuck with a congressman who has effectively been neutered.

The GOP Contract With America was not only NOT FOLLOWED by it's member's (including Souder), but has now been shredded, doused in alcohol, and burned to the cheers of greater America. Way to stay on the sidelines and go down with the ship. . .

You may have hesitated and had moments of clarity in the run-up to this election. For most of you, that clarity was erased by national support for Mr.Souder by the criminal element of his own party. You know; the bribe-takers, toys of corporate-America, child-molesters, etc. They went to bat for this guy, and you bought into it. I can only assume that you approve of their behavior, you "values voters". Apparently scandal is a northeastern Indiana value. . .

60% of America think that we're on the wrong track, headed in the wrong direction, and want us to get out of Iraq. YOU just voted to stay the course. . .and then you wonder why people poke fun at Hoosiers. Look in the mirror, Sodomites, err Souder-mites.

In closing, turn off WOWO, read a few newspapers other than the News-Sentinel and The Paper, do some research online, and try to be more informed. It only hurts for a little while, except for the last six years. Those have hurt America greatly, due to rollovers by the media and the lack of an informed electorate. Stop being part of the great uninformed populace and become involved!

Good night, and good luck. . .


Marked Hoosier said...

You can only try... but hey at least you did make them spend money that could have been used elsewhere. So really, your efforts were not in vain, but instead think Hayhurst in '08!

Heck this is Donnelly's third time against Chocola... incumbants here are very hard to run against.

John Good said...

Mark - Thank you. After Souder, I can think of nobody locally that I wanted to go away more than Count Chokula! I'm overjoyed for your win!

My bonus is that *I* still get to have Tom Hayhurst as my city councilman. =)