Monday, October 16, 2006

More ACRP ethics lapses uncovered

Knuth requests copies of Political Emails

Fort Wayne, IN – Allen County Democratic Party Chairman Kevin Knuth today sent requests to thirteen elected or appointed officials asking them to turn over emails that they may have received or sent on their taxpayer funded email accounts.

Knuth received a copy of an email promoting the Allen County Republican Party Bean Dinner, that was sent to several elected and appointed officials.

In a letter to Allen County Republican Party Chair Steve Shine, Knuth wrote:

I have in my possession an email that was sent on September 25th to several elected or appointed officials promoting that event. It is my understanding that several other emails have been sent using this method. I am asking that you immediately stop this practice.

Knuth also wrote:

I will be requesting, under the Freedom of Information Act, any and all emails sent by the Allen County Republican Party to their taxpayer funded email address, as well as any other emails they may have received for expressly political purposes from either a Political Party organization, a representative of a Political Party, or from other elected officials.

I will also be requesting any and all emails they have sent from their taxpayer funded email address of a political nature to either a Political Party organization, a representative of a Political Party or another elected official.

The Freedom of Information Act requests were sent to Allen County Commissioner Linda Bloom, Allen County Auditor Lisa Blosser, Allen County Surveyor Al Frisinger, Allen County Treasurer Bob Lee, Wayne Township Trustee Matt Schomburg, Wayne Township Chief Deputy Bill Carr, and Wayne Township Chief Deputy Alan Stoller.

State Representatives on the list are Randy Borror, Matt Bell, Jeff Espich, Mike Ripley and Phyllis Pond. State Senator Gary Dillon also was sent a letter .

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