Thursday, October 26, 2006

ACDP Press Release - Souder distorts truth

Mark Souder distorts truth on Immigration

Has been a solid supporter of “Amnesty”

Fort Wayne, IN – Allen County Democratic Party Chair Kevin Knuth today called on Mark Souder to come clean on his stance on immigration, and to run a clean campaign.

“Mark Souder has consistently distorted the position of Tom Hayhurst on nearly every issue,” said Knuth. “After 12 years in Congress, it is a shame that Mark Souder does not have a positive record to run on and must resort to negative campaigning. Souder has run ads since May attacking Tom Hayhurst, and in last night’s debate clearly showed that he will say anything to win.”

Knuth focused on statements made by Souder during the debate.

Knuth noted that Souder has attacked Tom Hayhurst’s plan for dealing with the 12-15 million illegal immigrants in the US today. Hayhurst’s plan calls for allowing immigrants to become legal citizens only if they complete the process required by law, at their own expense. The Hayhurst plan also requires all immigrants to learn English. Amnesty is better defined as allowing immigrants to bypass the entire process, a position that Hayhurst opposes.

A September 7th, 2001 Journal Gazette article noted Mark Souder’s amnesty position at the time:

Giving legal status to Mexicans now in the United States illegally is complicated but “is not only a rational economic decision, but it’s a moral question,” Rep. Mark Souder said Thursday.

Souder said he hasn’t reached a firm decision on whether to support Mexican President Vicente Fox’s call for the U.S. to give citizenship to all 3 million Mexicans who are in the United States illegally.

But he said he is “open (to the idea), more so than the rest of Congress.”

“I know this upsets people, but here’s the plain fact: Illegal immigrants, we use them when we need them. We use them and then expect them to go get lost when times get bad,” Souder said.

Knuth called on Souder to come clean on his stance on immigration. “Since he was elected to congress, Mark Souder has voted in support of amnesty for illegal immigrants 5 times,” Said Knuth. “Mark Souder, by his votes in Congress, has created the very problem that he is now campaigning on.”

Souder also criticized Hayhurst’s plan as it could lead to “chain migration”, which allows family members of immigrants to come to this country. However, in 1996 Souder voted for the Chrysler-Berman Ammendment to H.R.2202 which allowed chain migration.

“The people of the Third District deserve better than Mark Souder, a man who has clearly shown he will say anything to win.”

Knuth also announced an initiative to combat the negative campaign by Souder. “This Saturday we will have a “Rally for Truth”. At that rally we will share this information, and other facts that Souder has distorted, so that the people of the Third District know the true stance of the candidates,” Said Knuth.

“Once they see that Mark Souder flip-flops on issues like immigration and term limits, the choice for the voters of the Third District will be very clear,” Said Knuth.

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