Monday, August 14, 2006

More on "Election-Gate"

Last week, Fort Wayne Left reported on Steve Shine's odd definitions regarding the fraudulent acts committed by Doug Foy. Apparently this is a growing phenomenon among the local "right-tilters". In an editorial piece in tonight's News Sentinel (I have to line the cat box with something), Bob Caylor voiced his surprise that the GOP election fraud story is a "bombshell". He added "This is starting to look like a five-alarm response to a stink bomb".

He's right, of course. These sort of things happen all of the time here in the Summit City; particularly within the Republican Party. The fact remains that this story truly is a bombshell for one very good reason:

This time they got caught.

The "good old boys" have suffered a black eye and, having not experienced one before, are unsure of just what to do. So they rely upon their usual game of "funny definitions" and "spin". Mr.Shine, already aware of the details of the offense, immediately came to Doug Foy's defense when this story initially broke, yet turned against him when he realized it couldn't be swept under the rug this time.

Kevin Knuth is correct to question why 8 out of the 11 candidates refused to answer questions by the election board, and a special prosecutor should be employed due to the obvious influence that the local GOP exerts throughout the local legal system.

Mr.Caylor, you are correct about the fact that something stinks. However, that which is just beginning to permeate the surface, has been smoldering underground for a very long time. A "five-alarm response" may not be enough if the wind is right. . .

And, by the way, Scott's has a great sale on thick steaks this week. Just in case you need one for that eye of your's, Mr.Shine.


Robert Rouse said...

You know, if this had happened 100 years ago, perhaps it would be a good origin of the word "Shiner".

Nellie said...

Sadly, this dustup will not make a bit of difference in the election. Shine & Co. will figure out a way to maintain their death grip on county offices.

On a related note, see how our city and state got highlighted in a very interesting article at today: